How to measure the wedding ring, if you have a surprise proposal!


How to measure the wedding ring for the perfect size.

Well there would be so many confusion for wedding but if you’re ready why would you wait! Sizing may seem headache for man like you however if you could ensure just only 50%-70% that’s helpful enough. So let’s down on your knee together with the trick of perfect ring here!

For the proposal there are 2 things that might force you to the difficulties. Firstly, chance to propose with the right time but don’t worry with a romantic dinner or the memorable place, these will be an impressive night!.

Another thing is the ring to propose. if you feel choosing the ring especially the size is the most headache one, stop! we are here to help you 🙂

3 ways to measure your bride to be, easy to do but make sure your skill!

แหวนคู่ ทองคำขาวเพชรแท้

3 ways of measurement, pick one and let’s do proposal!

1. Her close friend is your close friend!

2. Shopping make the size perfect

3. A gift give you a wife

แหวนแต่งงานเรียบ แหวนแต่งงานมินิมอล

Her close friend is your close friend!

If her close friend’s finger size is close enough to your love one, you may ask them to be one of the member for this proposal plan. Ask them or take them to the shop and measure it! this way keep your secret best and make perfect plan!

Shopping make the perfect size 

If your girl are shopaholic, steal this chance! and bring her to the gift shop where there has a small corner of jewelry. You may let her try the ring  to steal her size then distract her with something else!

A gift give you a wife 

Haha, this trick you just have to pretend to buy a piece of jewelry for somebody and ask for her opinion. One chance get both size and design that she prefers.

Or else you could take her here with any occasion, we will help to role this scene just give us a sign or book here! then we could discuss for the plan!!

If you’re ready, why would you wait???

แหวนแต่งงาน แหวนคู่ แหวนเพชรเม็ดเดี่ยว

“what if you have a better plan and do not show any sign!”

For the perfect size of wedding ring, there is the most perfect way to measure. With these 2 ways you would have got her size

  • Drink Drank Drunk
  • Deep sleep

Drink Drank Drunk!

Yes! for the perfect moment let’s find the occasion to celebrate and of course it needs a glass or wine or beer too!

Let’s get her drunk and take a good care of your beautiful night and don’t forget to measure her size with measure ring or a piece of paper (Wrap the paper around her finger. Be sure that the paper is below to your knuckle. Mark the spot where the paper meets and measure the distance on your ruler)

Deep sleep

This way is perfect for the girl that always deeply sleep. Use the way of paper to measure her size then bring it to us, keep as secret and enjoy the perfect proposal ring!

แบบแหวนคู่ สไตล์เรียบๆ

Well we push every secret to get her size already. Now it’s your turn to complete the mission!

Lastly, if your couple is minimalism, visit us to experience your dream wedding ring. Don’t forget to book with us! or see our Instagram here! The special discount has been waiting for you!

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